AZ - BLM/AZ Trust Land Near Anthem

Campsites May 04, 2021

Description:  Boondocking. A thin strip of BLM/AZ Trust land along a, sometimes busy, shooting range. We spent two weeks here and explored the trails heading north by bike. Almost daily hot air balloon sightings were fun to watch. We'd often hear packs of wild burros at night, which was fun. Beautiful sunsets almost nightly in January. I'd recommend using an app that shows you were BLM land is when you're picking a spot because it's easy to go outside of it on this narrow strip.

Our Take: A great stay if you're fine with some shooting range noise from around 7am to 3pm.

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Sunsets, Balloons, Stunt Planes
We’ve been full-time travelers for a bit more than three months at the time ofthis writing (four months at the time of this posting live). We’ve seen a lot.We’re still blown away at the similar yet varying landscapes we’ve camped in andexplored, but some of the wonder I once held has waned. I n…

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